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Originally I did not want to do in new, but when you wrote about it in the comments, there you have it. All the things that you see here are not from Prague. Some I bought at home. But enough okecávání. Come on. I wrote you the pictures and prices - alone on other blogs I like it when I read how many products were and if they got to the store to stop.

Shoes - The New Yorker. 129 CZK.
For that price I could not leave them there and will be perfect for spring! Do not you think?

Sports bra H & M, 249 CZK
Sports bra seeking long time. And when I came across this beautiful H & M, I'll take her. 

C & A Earrings, each piece 30 CZK
Although the earrings I'm not much because I have my ear. But when I saw these beautiful three sets in C & A, I could not leave them there. 

Stand (shoulder) on the earrings / bracelets / necklaces Tchibo, 149 CZK
When I recently broke my hand-made holder for earrings and bracelets (: D) I was looking for a new one. Finally, my mom bought this on a hanger in Tchibo. Although I first wanted a little different, but now I know that I could not have chosen better. The shop had it, although they do not have, but need to get him in a physical store. 

The image of Marylin Monroe
Because dad knows that I love Marylin, I received from him this picture. Even if you did not like, I love it! 

Hair cuff H & M, 49 CZK
Already for a year I love the hair Cuffy, but we unfortunately never sell. Therefore, when I was in Prague, I immediately carried it to the checkout. It is super (you will see him and outfit).

Cosmetics (Rosmann)
For some cosmetics that I forgot too. And when they began selling off Essence and Rosmannu should try my favorite shower gels, I took the next two. Relax with shower gel once appeared in  the November Monthly favorites .

Blouse with birds C & A, 98 CZK
Bunda Takko, 299 CZK
The last two catches are from yesterday. The greatest joy I got out of the little birds shirt that although the picture does not look good, but in fact is wonderful and I'll wear it all the time perhaps! I looked at it back then when it was at full price (500 CZK), but I'm glad I waited. After a long time I went in too Takka and was pleasantly surprised. Really amazing sales. Just a pity that the jacket is a size larger, but when I get under her sweater to be, so it will be just right.
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